Use a Boost Mobile Promo Code for a LG Venice

This holiday season, the Boost Mobile code will become quite popular thanks to Boost's latest announcement. With the release of a new smart phone, stockings will be stuffed with the LG Venice.

LG Venice is a Contract Free Android

For all those just waiting for a contract free smart phone, Boost Mobile has granted the wish, just in time for the holidays. The LG Venice may not be the latest and greatest smart phone on the market, but it is a mid level smart phone with a front and back camera that provides plenty of apps. This will make it a highly sought after phone for parents wishing to appease their teens.

Features of the LG Venice

The LG Venice runs on an Android 4.0 platform boasting a large 4.3 inch screen. Additionally, the Venice has cameras that face front and back. The rear facing camera has an impressive 5-magapixel capacity and the ability to shoot HD video and has a LED flash. The front camera is a little less impressive as it is just a VGA camera.

The Cons of LG Venice

While the LG Venice brings a lot to the table, there are some disadvantages. Unfortunately, the speakers leave something to be desired. They are a bit harsh and tinny. This makes listening to music okay but if you really want high quality music, you will need to invest in some headphones.

While the 5 megapixel camera is impressive, you cannot count on the white balance feature. It just does not work properly. Stick with straight point and shoot to get decent pictures.

To get the most out of the LG Venice, find a Boost Mobile promo code and sign up for no contract plan today.

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