Sprint Online Promo Codes Prompting Customers to Leave AT&T and Verizon

New Sprint online promo codes are prompting customers to switch over. Couple that with the news that Sprint has acquired a broader PCS spectrum and the fact that Sprint is the third largest cellular phone service provider in the nation and you get an equation that could propel Sprint from a second tier cellular phone provider right into a premium seat.

Sprint Acquires New PCS Spectrum
Few things make a bigger splash in the cell phone industry than acquiring a new spectrum, and this is exactly what Sprint did today. More specifically, Sprint announced a definite agreement with US Cellular to provide service to Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Missouri, and Ohio. It specifically targets Chicago and St. Louis. The plan is to use the new acquisition to supplement the current service as Sprint expands their vision to bringing 4G LTE nationally.

To put it simply, acquiring a new spectrum is like expanding a 2 lane highway to a 6 lane freeway without the hassle of construction. For Sprint customers, it means faster connections, less dropped calls and overall better service. For non-Sprint customers, it means Sprint could be suddenly available in your area.

Sprint Promotional Codes Encourage Users to Switch
Sprint has one thing AT&T and Verizon just does not offer - unlimited data plans. With a Sprint coupon code not only can you get unlimited data for your smart phone, you can get it for $80 a month. Plus, Sprint offers the latest phones including the iPhone and a variety of Droids. Use the right promo code and you can land a free Android! If AT&T and Verizon don't watch out, they just may find Sprint is serious competition.

Search through all the Sprint online promo codes now and see if you will count yourself among the switchers.

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