The Truth Behind the Netflix Coupon Code Scheme

The Netflix coupon code has been around for years and, because of that, there have been some issues with the Netflix free trial. There are some rumors the free trial is just a scam to get people to sign up and then not let them cancel. In this article, we will put to rest some of the more common complaints.

Help! Netflix charged me on the second day of my free trial

Claim - Some people sign up for Netflix and then find Netflix has taken money out of their account the very next day. For people who do not have the $8 dollars in their checking account, this has triggered a series of overdraft fees which can really add up. This causes them to fire off angry e-mails and fraud letters to the Better Business Bureau, saying Netflix is involved in a scam.

Truth - When customers sign up for a free trial, Netflix places a hold on the credit or debit card for $8. This is a common practice among businesses, to see if the credit card is valid. It happens at hotels, rental cars and even gas stations. Debit cards do not recognize holds, therefore, the money comes out immediately. If you were to cancel the account, the money would return to your card. Unfortunately, Netflix cannot be held responsible for any overdraft fees you incur.

I signed up for with a Netflix coupon code but it started an account

Claim - Some people try to sign up with a Netflix free trial using a different e-mail thinking they can get another free trial. They use the different e-mail, go through the whole process and they find out they are charge for the month. Again, they are upset because they used a different e-mail wanting a new trial period and there is no warning that they won't get the trial month.

Truth - Netflix only allows one free trial per customer. They track this through both e-mail and credit card. You are not allowed to abuse the free trial offer by creating multiple accounts just to get multiple free trials. Attempting to do so will only get you charged for another month. You are still free to cancel at any time and it will only cost you one month.

I canceled but Netflix kept charging me for years!

Claim - There have been occasions where people have thought they canceled Netflix and it did not go through. Months and even years later they noticed and demanded their money back.

Truth - The canceling process is very straightforward. You go to your account page and click cancel. Doing so will generate a confirmation that you have canceled. However, it is your responsibility to make sure you are no longer charged. In every case that people were still charged, Netflix has refunded 1 month’s fee. Netflix will NOT refund more than 1 month’s fee. Therefore, if you cancel, the easiest way to make sure your account is canceled is to make sure you are not charged and, if you are, call them for the refund.

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