Why Choose a Virgin Mobile Promo Code?

In this day and age, you can't escape the cell phone, which is probably what brings you to the Virgin Mobile promo code. You know you need a cell phone, but you don't want to get bogged down with one of the topped tier cell phone companies.  They lock you down to a two year contract and make you pay a fortune. But, why should you choose a Virgin Mobile promotion code?

Virgin Mobile has it all
While Virgin Mobile may be a second tiered company, they have everything you could ever need. They offer no contracts, which many people like. When you find a good promotion, it can be quite affordable. As with all offers, there are some drawbacks so keep reading to find the perks and the potential drawbacks of this second tiered company.

Any phone you want is available
You can get your favorite iPhone, Galaxy, EVO, Samsung or whatever phone you like from Virgin Mobile. No, you won't get the discount price you would like you get from AT&T or Verizon, but you can still get it. An iPhone from Virgin sells for full price, at $649. The Galaxy is much cheaper at $249. However, other phones go for a lot less, too. You can find phones as cheap as $15. So, don't think you have to go high tech to get a phone. Even the HTC One is only $129, which isn't too bad for an Android.

Virgin has unlimited plans
To start it off right, Virgin Mobile has unlimited talk and data for as little as $55 a month. If you do not talk much, then you can downgrade to the text and data plan for $35 a month. This makes Virgin Mobile even more affordable.  That is a good place to start for a second tiered company.

4G makes everything faster
4G is sweeping the country, and for most people that means you can access the fastest speeds on your phone. Virgin won't leave you hanging with slow speeds. Just because they are not a top tiered carrier, doesn't mean they are offering slow speeds. Sign up and you too will be experiencing 4G. If you are unsure if 4G is available where you live, then check the map to see if you are in an area that is covered.

Love your number? Keep it
One of the best parts of switching is that you can keep your current number. You may have been at your current number for years and all your friends know it by heart. This alone may keep you from switching. After all, your grandmother knows your number and switching would be a hassle. With Virgin Mobile, you don't have to worry about this, because you can keep your current number and still make the change. Switching phone carriers has never been easier.

How to find a Virgin Mobile promo code
Once you decide Virgin Mobile is right for you, you need to determine where to find the promotion codes. First, you need to find a page that updates regularly. This is the most important step. Otherwise, you will find a bunch of outdated and expired codes. This will do you no good, as all Virgin Mobile promotions end. Next, read the term carefully to make sure you qualify. Finally, use the code to get the best discount possible.

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